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Things to Do in Grand Cayman Island - Your One Stop Source for All You Need to Know About Grand Cayman Island

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Finding things you like to do on the island of Grand Cayman will be the highlight of your vacation. The Cayman Islands - and especially Grand Cayman - are regarded as the activity capital of the Caribbean. Year round sunshine and warm crystal clear waters provide the quintessential playground for every imaginable activity.

Owing to their unique position atop the mountainous Cayman Trench and lack of agricultural or industrial runoff, the Cayman Islands boast the clearest water and most vertical walls anywhere in the world. Water-sports enthusiasts from around the globe come to bask in warm sun and play in Grand Caymanís clear warm water.

Snorkeling ranks among the most popular things to do in Grand Cayman, largely because it is free and so extraordinarily convenient, with good snorkeling directly adjacent to almost all waterfront properties. Mask, fins and snorkel can be rented for about $10/day at most local dive shops, or purchased online for under $50. If you are an experienced snorkeler or good swimmer, purchasing your own snorkel gear beforehand will prove more affordable, while ensuring consistent fit and comfort.

See our Grand Cayman Snorkeling page for more information and snorkel tips.

Shore diving in Grand Cayman will present divers with dozens of spectacular options, dependent primarily on prevailing wind and sea conditions. If itís been a year or more since your last dive, shore diving in shallow water gives you an opportunity to practice before going boat diving. But shore diving is not just for beginners! Some of the most advanced divers on the planet come to the Cayman Islands for the abundant shore diving and general ease of access to an enormous diversity of dive sites, ranging from beginner to expert.

See our Grand Cayman Shore Diving page for more information and shore diving tips.

Beach sightseeing, or simply relaxing on a quiet beach is the single most popular thing to do in Grand Cayman. Whether you like big party crowds and mingling or total seclusion, you will find it and everything in between on the many beaches of Grand Cayman. One of our most frequently asked questions is why the sand is so white and powdery on most beaches in the Cayman Islands; the reason is that the sand is comprised almost entirely of the excrement of Parrotfish, who dine principally on algae and reef corals, which, eroded and sun bleached over millennia manufacture pure sparkling white beach sand.

See our Grand Cayman Beach Sightseeing page for more information and beach sightseeing tips.

Grand Cayman is rife with cultural and educational experiences, most of which are so much fun that the majority of people do not realize until afterward that they were introduced to new culture or learned something. Botanical Park and Pedroís Castle are two glaring examples, the former featuring miles of endless flora, fauna and critter allure; the latter combing high tech imagery with centuries old architectural restoration and artifacts. The Cayman Islands are the safest and friendliest destination in the Caribbean, with locals happy to share their fascinating stories with visitors.

See our Grand Cayman Culture & Education page for more information.

Discovering favorite places to eat in Grand Cayman will rank among the top activities for all food connoisseurs. With over two hundred restaurants representing cuisine from dozens of countries, Grand Cayman is a robust amalgamation of every tropical infused culinary creation. From five star restaurants spread over acres of lavish ocean front beauty to fast food, Grand Cayman is certain to fulfill every dinerís dream.

See our Grand Cayman Dining page for more information and dining tips.

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Things to Do in Grand Cayman Island - Your One Stop Source for All You Need to Know About Grand Cayman Island
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